Being a “Creativity Specialist” is a little tough when you feel bereft of creativity.

I have this upcoming show that I’m writing for that is hanging over my head like Damocles’ Sword. And the hair it’s dangling from is one of mine. And if you know me, you know I don’t have the strongest strands in the world.

The writing well is pretty empty right now. And so I have done what I (and I must say others) have done. I have gotten a new computer game.

Lame, right? Not really. Many people in creative industries use games as a way to blow off steam and try to open their minds to other types of thought.

I have found that that actually works for me, quite often.

My problems: 1) I am pretty bored with the games I have; 2) I use a Mac.

I love my Mac, but boy is it light on the games, at least the games I like.

Oh, right. I have a third problem. I don’t like to spend money.

Well, I’ve found a game…and I’ve done it without spending any money…yet.

I have become …um… a little addicted to Trade Nations. It’s a little game for the iPad all about building a little city of your own. But one of the cool little things is that you “find” neighbors online and trade your own goods with them.

I really like that mock-social aspect of the thing.

What I mean to say is that I would love that mock-social aspect of the thing…if I had any friends that also played the game.

Here is the catch.

Magic Beans.

By using magic beans you can purchase über-cool stuff, help pay for regular stuff, and hurry the production of regular buildings and goods. But that’s not what makes them magic.

What makes these beans magic is their ability to make your personal cash disappear. This is where the game designers attempt to hook you. You can purchase as little as $.99 worth of beans all the way up to, I think, a package of $99.00 worth.

So tempting. I have not purchased any beans. But they are calling. And I have started to rationalize why I should buy some.

Here’s a good one: The app is free. I should pay something to them for this happiness.

I think that’s a good one. And an honest one. I need to pay these people.

But how many beans…I mean how much should I pay them? I can’t pay them $99.00 for 3000 beans. Right? I mean, that’s too much. Right? And I love my wife. So $99.00 is definitely way too much.

I’m thinking $4.99. That seems good for an app. I think I’ll go with that. I’ll check with my wife.

Anyway, I really like this app. I don’t have to think about it all the time, but it takes my mind off my creative slump. I think that’s just the balm my psyche needs.

See, it’s not a drug, it’s a medicine.

So, if you need a little medicine try it out. But make sure you tell me what your screen name is so I can get a few neighbors.

And if you want to throw a few beans my way, that’s cool too.