Thanks for those of you who suggested some topics. I got a few pretty interesting suggestions that I plan on attending to in the next few weeks. Please do keep them coming, though!

My writing life right now is centered around a commissioned piece. I’ve been asked to write an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, which, at first got me quite excited. I was, of course basing my excitement purely on nostalgia. Now that I have reread the story I am utterly terrified. When I was commissioned, the person asking me to do this said, “There really isn’t a good theatrical treatment of Alice in Wonderland.” Well, now I know why.

It is not a book that is easily translated to the stage. I could go into detail as to why, but at this point it makes my head hurt and my stomach ache.

Suffice to say that once I get over one hurdle another is there to stop me short.

So, after about a month of absolutely no writing movement— what one of my writing profs liked to call “nesting” – I came up with a general treatment for the overall style of the play. It actually freed me up to write the outline for scene one. Then I hit the chapter known as “The Pool of Tears.” It is the second chapter of the book. The second scene of the play. That is where I am currently stymied. I just can’t seem to move forward.

It really is starting to concern me. I didn’t want this to be that hard. I really do want this to become something that I might be able to publish.

The one thing I was excited about when my wife took the boys on a vacation with her sisters was the time I would get to sit down and pound out the treatment for Alice. Since she left I have trimmed hedges, painted the bathroom, cleaned the house —the kitchen twice!— mowed the lawn, weeded, and taken two walks. If you know me…then you know that ain’t right.

If I would rather clean than write…

God help me.