Sorry, Gang. The wife is back to work this week, so I’m soloing with the two boys for the first time. Trying to get a handle on the world. Also had a show open this week.

Thus, I did not get a post for today.

But the reviews are in for Urban Theater Project of Iowa’s production of Rabbit Hole.

Here are the links:

Rabbit Hole a Rare Treat

Peter Brook said he could take any empty space and call it a bare stage. Urban Theatre Project brings this claim to life in a very practical way. As Cedar Rapids’ “gypsy theatre,” UTP will create theatre anywhere someone will let them land for a few weeks. The aesthetic dispenses with all the spectacle of a proscenium stage and a dazzling lighting rig, focusing instead on the basics: actors performing powerful scripts with intention and clarity.

Go See “Rabbit Hole” Right Now. Seriously.

I just came from seeing Urban Theater Project’s opening-night performance of “Rabbit Hole.” I see a lot of theatre, and I don’t usually wrote Facebook notes about it afterward. But I am today. Because, seriously, people. This is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time … and hardly anyone even knows it’s happening. Which blows my mind.

Okay, I’ve done what I can. I think it’s the best acting work I have ever done. It’s a brilliant tight cast, lead by a very smart, very thoughtful director, in a beautiful setting. Come see it if you can.