Some of you may know that I am lucky enough to be a member of SPT’s Writers’ Room. It’s a stable of five writers — four of whom perform as well —who write sketches and monologues for five or six shows a year. The shows are all themed and involve sketches, monologues and music, all wrapped together thematically.  We bring in local guest actors and musicians for each show. We get a bout six weeks to write each show and about a week of rehearsal before we do two nights of shows. It’s a blast, and it pays some bills.

Well, my shtick is usually the goof or the idiot, sometimes the guy with the accent, and I usually do some “thoughtful” personal monologue.

It is a rare occasion that I actually get to sing. And it creates in me a terrifying joy. I am not a singer. I am an actor who occasionally sings.

So when I hear that I am to sing in one of our shows I am simultaneously thrilled and nauseated.

Now, I usually get nervous before any show. That’s normal. But for shows that I sing in, vomiting before the show is not beyond the question. No joke.

I’m not sure why I love doing something that makes me so nervous and terrified that I could vomit. I hate haunted houses, most amusement park rides and riding while my wife is driving. But none of those make me as nervous as singing in a show.

Well, let the vomiting begin, for I am to sing in the next show. Yea! Brachagumbaphhhhhhsplat!