Not a long post today, but one that is dear to me.

One of the many things I love about parenting is overhearing monologues or conversations with my children.

Today there were two that made me smile. The first was hearing my son play through a conversation between his feet. Yes, his feet were talking to each other. The left foot, named Smallfoot, was speaking to his right foot, Bigfoot, about sad he was that he was smaller. It was hilarious, mostly because he was doing appropriate voices for each. Bigfoot was also very sympathetic to Smallfoot’s plight, which was quite sweet.

The second conversation came between my oldest son and my wife while changing his diaper.

It begins with my son: “Tickle me! Tickle me!”

“Ticka ticka ticka!”

“Tickle my penis!”


“Yeth, tickle my penis! Tickle my penis!”

“Sorry, buddy. Mommies don’t tickle penises. That’s something you’ll need to do on your own.”

Just not the kind of thing you hear everyday, and I love it.