I have entered the Twitterverse.

I have eschewed it so far. It smacks of ego to me, and I try very hard to separate myself from that sort of thing.

Tangent! My wife has never smoked. Anything. She has dreams of smoking and has had those dreams for a long time. She knows that if she ever took a drag that she would be hooked.

That’s how I feel about ego-trips. I’m afraid that if I allowed myself to buy into hype and kudos that I would be one midnight bonfire dance away from Mr. Kurtz. So I’m pretty good at keeping things in check. My wife and kids help me with that too.

I do a couple of things pretty well, but it’s in an industry that openly promotes recognition. So, if people like you or what you do you hear about it, sometimes a lot. And I’ve seen people with both great and mediocre talent buy into that hype and appreciation. They end up being difficult to work with.

Anyway Twitter has always just seemed like another way to buy into your own hype. But then I started sending out query letters for my first novel. I began researching agents and general info about the industry. I learned about the author’s platform. Ahhhhh, the platform. Welcome to the digital age.

Apparently, there are those —some agents and industry others— that look for new authors with an already vibrant platform. This means that an author already has a digital presence. That means, web site, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter presence.

Look, I want this thing. I want my book published. I want the next two published. I want people talking about the world I have created for them. I want publishers fighting to print my name on their covers —how’s that for ego? So I am going to do what I can.

So I set up my account, and guess what? “JasonAlberty” is taken. That’s right. My name is already taken. He’s my name doppelganger from Omaha. There is another Jason Alberty in Detroit, I think. Anyway, the Omaha Jason Alberty, a Facebook friend of mine, beat me to the Twitterverse. So I originally decided on “Galadahnian” because of my novel.

My wife suggested that I could have picked something harder to spell and a bit more difficult to understand. I told her “BootyHunk” was already taken —which, sadly, is not true, it’s available.

Nonetheless, I have changed my Twitter name to AlbertyBlahBlah. Hopefully that will make it easier for the three people who are interested in my daily blathering, including the very popular “3 year old acid trip” quotes.

Viva L’Ego!