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What is the Galadahnia Web Project?

I. Project Overview: The Galadahnia Website

This project overview outlines the website design and implementation for e-publishing the book entitled Darnan and the subsequent books in the series Rall Ulkind and The World. As per the initial consultation, the intended website will have three distinct sections:

1.) Book Site

The first section of the website will be devoted to the books themselves: Darnan, Rall Ulkind, and The World.

2.) Galadahn

The second section is intended to be an interactive almanac of the world itself with information on each section of the story.

3.) Fan World

The third section will be a place for fans of the Galadahn universe to share and participate with each other and the story itself. Fans will also be able to post art and stories of their own.

II. Creation Phases

The Galadahnia website project is not only broken down into these three sections, but also into two phases. The first phase is focused on visual design and content creation. The second and final phase is when the website is built. After client approval on this second phase, the website is implemented by going “live” online. These phases are discussed in further details below.

Phase 1 – Design What do you want your site to look like? How do you want your stuff organized? This is the phase in which the site’s layout will be developed, which includes sub-pages, navigation, chapter pages, user login, etc. Included in this proposal are three initial layout sketches (wireframes) for the site. In addition, rough concept sketches are included to determine the graphic/visual approach. The client will choose one of the layout ideas and help finalize the graphics/visuals. Flowcharts of the sitemap (the internal architecture of the site) will also be finalized at this stage. A finalized design, from
navigation menu to graphic elements, will then be presented for approval before moving to the implemented phase.

Phase 2 – Implementation When stuff starts working.
The finalized design from the first phase will be built for the web; the graphic design is programmed in HTML/CSS code. The site’s hosting will also be determined. After the development site (website rough draft) is approved, the Galadahnia website will go live.

III. Project Specification Overview

-The website will be free and open to the public.
-There will be a user login system on all three of the website sections (Book Site, Galadahn, and Fan Site). To create an account the user will provide their first and last name, an email address, and a site user name.
-Each chapter of the story will have a visual illustration, audio download, and PDF download for mobile readers.
-The site will contain advertising powered by Google’s AdSense.
-The map within the Galadahn section will include rollovers.
-The Galadahn section will include an interactive Q&A section where users can both post and respond to queries about Darnan’s world.

IV. Timeline and Pricing

For such a large and complex website,I suggest that the client approach it as three distinct projects with staggered timing for design and implementation. I suggest that the three sections (Book Site, Galadahn, Fan World) be parsed apart as these distinct projects. The initial website design can be developed in such a way that implementing the two later sections (Galadahn, Fan World) can be easily designed and implemented at later dates.

There are two reasons for recommending this approach. First, from a marketing standpoint, it’s extremely important to build a fan base for the story itself before implementing additional features. The Galadahn map and almanac section could be implemented at the same time as the story, though there may be greater impact for readers if there are features strategically implemented while the story is being serially published. Staggering the Galadahn and Fan World projects helps the site feel as if it’s evolving and growing.

Secondly, the Fan World should not be implemented until there are solid visitation numbers for the books themselves. Implementing a fan section prior to a sufficient user base to contribute could create the sense that no one is interested in the books or website.

The project budget is structured in this three project approach: Book Site, Galadahn, and the Fan World. Each project has a timeline and cost for both design (Phase 1) and implementation (Phase 2). Included in the price is testing of the site before it goes live. The project timeline is contingent and variable based upon client approval for concept sketches, final design proofs, and content.

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